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This practice and yogic journey started for me over 25 years ago in Asia. I started teaching and sharing the practice in 1999 where I completed my first training in India at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerela learning Hatha Yoga and Philosophy….. My love for India also started here.

From there on, I have studied for thousands of hours, practiced and taught all over our beautiful planet, also living, teaching and training in India for over 10 years for Brahmani Yoga…. Where I still teach retreats annually.

I am a Yoga Australia Certified Senior Level Teacher. 
My trainings and influences are Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Yin Yoga. My classes are always delivered in a light-hearted and fun way.

I have studied Meditation, Pranayama and self-inquiry with my beloved teachers Clive Sheridan, Rose Baudin and Emil Wendell for over 15 years.  I feel lucky enough to say that they are not just my spiritual teachers but over the years have become good friends and for this I am forever grateful.

More recently I have trained in Bali to be a sound healer and have an operatically trained voice which is love to share in these sessions.

ULTIMATELY YOGA IS ABOUT LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT WITH AN OPEN HEART AND A CLEAR MIND – These are the qualities of the practice that I like to share with my students.

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Yin yoga is a deep and powerful practice that finds space in the body. The postures are held for lengthy amounts of time (sometimes up to 5 minutes and even longer) during this time the body needs to be soft and relaxed. Working on target areas this will allow the denser, deeper yin tissues to start really opening up, thus having an effect not only on the physical body but also our energetic body influencing our prana, chi or life force.This practice is suitable for all levels, all ages and all abilities as it’s is not about what the poses look like but more what it feels like. If you have a body and you can breathe then you are welcome to my class!



Pranayama in Sanskrit translates as breath control. So pranayama is literally breathing techniques. There are many different pranayamas. Some are energising, some are cooling, heating, calming etc. I have been teaching pranayama for over 10 years and feel it is an integral part of any yoga practice and also a very practical lead into meditation.
Anybody can practice simple pranayama which is something I highly recommend especially in this day and age with our stressed out and fast paced lives. It effects our energy system (prana, chi) which has an effect on our brain and the nervous system. Anyone with a regular pranayama practice will notice their energy system is fully charged!



Sound healing can also be known as vibrational medicine.
Through different sounds using sacred instruments we are able to have an effect on the subtle energy fields of our body. Different sounds work at different frequencies and therefore an inner journey can take place. Usually laying down and comfortable to receive the healing vibration of sound. A journey through the chakras would be percussion and drum for the lower chakras, voice and strings for the heart chakra, chimes and singing bowls for the upper chakras and celestial realms. Most people feel very relaxed and yet vibrant and alive after one of my sessions. Everybody is welcome!

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"Yin yoga is for every BODY... if you have a body and you can breathe you can join me"

Ashley Bond

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